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Building Regulations

Building Regulations approval is one of the most important parts of any project. In order to gain approval your project has to meet the minimum requirements as set out within the Building Regulations (link). This includes aspects such as weathering details, cold bridging details and making sure that the final envelope meets the minimum U-Value requirement.

This is where JVF London will come in. We can assess the project and through ongoing dialogue with the client and or builder, we will draft specific details that meet not only the needs of the client and builder but also the requirements of the Building Regulations.

The details will then be translated into drawings which are submitted to the Building Control Officer. We engage in dialogue with the Building Control Officer to ensure that the details comply with the regulations. At this stage it is a common occurrence that the detail will ‘evolve’ and that amendments will be made to the drawings, if required by the Building Control Officer. We will always keep the client and/or builder up-to-date with current drawing issues and explain any amendments that might have been made. We will work closely to ensure that these amendments do not compromise the vision of the project.

The above can happen before works have started on site or depending on time constraints, the process can run concurrently. We will also be here to answer any questions that the builder might have with regards to constructing our proposed details. We provide precise details on all of our drawings in a very ‘user friendly’ way so that it is clear and concise for the builder.

Once the project has been completed and documentation provided from any other industry professional involved (i.e. a Safety Certificate from a Registered Electrician) a package of all information is collated and provided to the Building Control Officer. The Building Control Officer will also make a final site visit when they will check that the finished property complies with the Building Regulations and also issue the owner with a certificate to demonstrate compliance.

We offer this service on its own or as a package with our other services; be that structural design or full planning and design where we have control over all the aspects and can provide a full working package for you.

If you have any questions regarding the process or would like us to let you know what you will need for your own project, please contact us by phone or email.

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