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Structural Engineering

Whether you be proposing the completion of a loft conversion or extending your house, you will most likely be altering the structural elements of the building. In order to do this you will require professional advice and most likely the preparation of structural design calculations (to Eurocodes or British Standards) for your builder so that he can safely construct the design. The calculations will also need to be submitted to the local authority for checking in order for the project to obtain a building certificate.

We offer structural design and calculations for all materials including:

  • Steel

  • Timber

  • Masonry

  • Concrete

It can be the case that calculations are required for existing structures in order to gain retrospective compliance with Building Regulations or generally check that any alterations made are safe and comply with the British Standards or the Eurocodes. This requires a level of site investigation and knowledge of existing structure that we are fully able to deliver. 

We provide full planning and design services including the full structural design or we can work with your existing architect to produce a structural design in line with their design. Please do call or email us to discuss any projects you might have and to see how we can support you in this journey.

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